Japamala Mindfulness App జపమాల ధ్యానం

Japamala App is designed to help spend some quality time every day in meditation.
Available on:

Apple iOS Store

App Store
(iPhone,iPad,iPod Requires iOS 14.0 or later.)
(Version: 2024.02.06-2052)

Google Store

Google Store
(Version: 2024.02.06-2052)

MacOS Store

Mac Store
(Mac Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.)
(Version: 2024.1.15-2051)

  • Hindu Mantras to read and sing along
  • Sahasra namavali to read Hindu scriptures
  • Bhagawadgita 18 chapters
  • Content is available offline once loaded
    • Thanks and courtesy of vignanam.org for their comprehensive work!
    • Japamala to meditate and count while meditating on a deity
    • Eminent literary personality profiles, poems and their work is featured and updated regularly.
    • Artists profiles are featured with their work.
    • Curated lists of songs are played in-app
    • Interesting articles like temples, self knowledge, charity work, etc. are featured in the app
    • Support for multiple languages for mantra (Telugu, English and Hindi)
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